Better-For-You Foods: Annual Predictions Report

Annual Predictions Food and Beverage

Better-For-You Foods: Annual Predictions Report

February 17, 2021 2 min read

Consumers have long sought out healthier food, but our understanding today is better than at any point in history due to our growing knowledge, which is readily available to consumers, of the hormonal and metabolic causes of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other related disorders. Consumers have also become acutely aware of the impact food production and its associated waste has on the environment when feeding a global population of approximately eight billion people. This ability to better understand food nutrition, sourcing and production has allowed consumers to become evangelical about certain foods that match their sustainability values and dietary focus. Consumers have also been put off by mass produced, low-nutrition food, and have become distrustful of legacy food companies and the claims made about quality and health benefits of their products

As consumers continue to evaluate the definition of “healthy” and the impact food has on their wellbeing, they are fundamentally shifting the ways they make food purchasing decisions.

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