Plant-Based Menus Are The New Normal For Restaurants

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Plant-Based Menus Are The New Normal For Restaurants

October 22, 2021 2 min read

Although restaurants are in the early stages of adapting and modernizing their menus, they are expected to continue to add plant-based options to capitalize on the growing demand and revenue opportunities they provide.

The plant-based boom has stoked the appetites of consumers throughout America. Once a trend dominated by a niche group
of enthusiasts, plant-based foods are going mainstream – and then some. With food selections and consumer audiences expanding and diversifying in ways once never thought possible, plant-based foods are now primed for palates that are evolving each year.

Introduced in the retail-food sector, plant-based foods have ignited historic levels of demand within the restaurant industry that are being met by independents and chains alike – and recognized as sought-after menu items and key differentiators.

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